Customer Stories

Custom Checkered Floor Finish

B&B, a largely residential coatings contractor, was hired by Lacey and Diana Weber to create a black-and-white checkerboard pattern on the 10,000-square-foot (929.0 m2) concrete floor of their garage/workshop in Colbert, Okla.

Sports Complex Redesign

“They were looking for something that would go with the American Ninja Warrior theme, something that would work with the sports center, and something that would wear and tear for the sports facility itself.” The solution? A three-coat system from Simiron.

Department of Public Works Building

City of Hazel Park DPS benefits from low-maintenance, high-performing Simiron flooring makeover!

Police Department Cell Block

Permanent flooring solution for aging and potentially dangerous jail cells. Madison Heights Police Department jail cell block reconditioned with Simiron coatings.