Continuing Education

Simiron is an AIA/CES Registered Provider Member and delivers high quality-learning opportunities in accordance with AIA/CES and Health/Safety/Welfare and Sustainable Design criteria.


Simiron Coatings is proud to offer 3-Part CSI Specifications available through both Masterspec and ARCAT.
Editable 3-Part CSI Specifications:

  • Masterspec

ARCAT SpecWizard Tool:
The ARCAT SpecWizard Tool is an interactive tool that offers the option to:

  • Download pre-determined Simiron Coatings System Specifications in various formats
  • Edit or customize pre-determined Simiron Coatings System Specifications


Search one of the most comprehensive reference libraries in the industry. Available in print-ready electronic formats, it provides in-depth information about Simiron Coatings systems, products and installation design, including:

  • Specifications in 3-part CSI format
  • Guides with design, installation, and performance data for all systems and products
  • Safety data sheets
  • Recommended details for common floor conditions
  • LEED certification data
  • System and product literature


View our color selection guide. Our vast collection of colors, finishes and almost unlimited number of custom colors allow you to create attractive floors and walls.


coating detailed drawings

Click here to view and download detailed drawings for cove, floor
drains, terminations and joints.


site visits

Your Simiron Sales Representative will visit the project site to offer initial coating systems selection advice, determine installation methods, and provide new construction or renovation assessments.

case studies

View case studies and see actual challenges, situations and Simiron Coatings solutions.



Go to Simiron’s glossary and learn about floor coating industry terms to assist with your decision process.


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