Simiron develops and produces innovative protective coatings for the industry's most demanding professionals. Backed by more than 60 years of coating innovation and experience, Simiron offers a broad portfolio of industry-leading, high-quality, durable and long-lasting products. For floors, for walls or foundations— with Simiron products you can protect your clients' surfaces to stand up to anything. And stand out from everyone.

industries served


Highly adaptive coating systems built to meet the needs of the aviation and aerospace industry. Coating solutions for aircraft hangars, manufacturing, service & repair areas, and everything in between.


Automotive coating systems engineered for the toughest manufacturing facilities, service stations, showrooms, and customer service areas on the planet.


Coating systems developed for the demands of high-traffic areas found in educational institutions where staff & student wellbeing is of paramount importance. Classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, restrooms, etc.

Food & Beverage

Designed for high-traffic, extreme temperatures, and all the unique demands of the food & beverage industry— Simiron offers solutions for food processing/production, cold-storage, loading docks, & common areas.


Long-lasting coating systems made to withstand high-traffic, around the clock activity, and wear from maintenance programs. Highly customizable and unique aesthetic solutions for an inviting atmosphere.


Healthcare coating systems for small and large facilities and practices where high-traffic concerns and hygienic standards are critical factors. Medical labs, restrooms, operating and waiting rooms.


Durable, easy to maintain coating systems designed to be safe, reliable, and practical. A wide range of solutions for production facilities, machine shops, warehousing, loading docks, and containment areas.

Pet Care

Pet Care coating systems for veterinary offices, training facilities, animal shelters, and other high-traffic areas that demand the highest quality, long-lasting coating solutions that only Simiron can provide.


Innovative coating systems engineered to the highest standards to ensure clean and long-lasting surfaces. Solutions for clean rooms, laboratories, chemical storage, and common areas.


Aesthetic & dependable, easy to maintain coating systems created to protect & improve your home. Great for garages, basements, living areas, & other spaces where you want to make a statement.


Simiron retail coating systems offer high aesthetic appeal and deliver proven commercial flooring solutions that guarantee to attract customers while protecting against the wear & tear of high-traffic areas.

Safety & Rescue

Coating systems made to protect the men & women who protect and serve our communities. Simiron offers customizable, low maintenance, cost-effective systems built to last in rapid response facilities.

Sporting & Events

Coating systems for arenas, gyms, theaters, concession areas, athletic complexes, and other facilities where strength, durability, and highly-aesthetic systems are essential.


Easy to apply 100% solids epoxy primer that seals porous concrete


100% solids, self-leveling, epoxy for flooring professionals who demand quality


Fast cure 100% solids, high-build epoxy floor coating for applications where heavy-duty protection is required


Tough, durable, flexible — UV resistant. 100% solids polyaspartic floor coating offering superior protection for indoor & outdoor applications.


Stir-in additive that delivers a safer setting for home, commercial, & industrial interior & exterior settings


easy-to-use 100% solids epoxy concrete crack filler designed for vertical or horizontal surface repair

Polyaspartic HS



Semi-rigid polyurea for filling control & construction joints in concrete floors.

VOC Free, fast-setting formula, excellent UV resistance


Superior resistance against abrasion, chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure, & weathering. High-performance epoxy & polyurethane in one coating

Casting Resin

Ultra-clear, self-leveling, & high-gloss epoxy resin coating. Great for river tables, live edge furniture, arts & crafts projects

CIPP Epoxy Resin

Single resin epoxy system designed for Cured-In-Place Pipe with 3 hardener options that offer cure speed versatility

Cure & Seal

High-solids, water-based concrete curing & sealing compound. The non-yellowing & blush resistant, semigloss finish can transform interior, exterior, horizontal & vertical surfaces

Decorative Chip

Easy to maintain & customize, economical flooring solution that naturally hides concrete imperfections while enhancing & protecting any decor

E-Tint Packs

High-performance color tint packs designed to be easily mixed into Simiron coatings

High-Wear Urethane

Superior resistance against abrasion, chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure & weathering

Instant Patch

Fast curing 100% polyurea for quick concrete repairs to cracks, joints, holes & other damaged concrete surfaces

Metallic Additive

Lustrous metallic additives for vibrant pearlescent & iridescent floor finishes that impress


100% Solids epoxy primer designed to control & prevent concrete moisture vapor transmission


Permanent patented concrete densifier that easily fills pores, pinholes, pitting, cracks, scratches & gouges


Specially tinted color packs that can be added to SIMIRON Polyurea coatings


Protective stain guard designed to protect concrete from stains left from overfilling control joints

RokRez Pro

Uniquely formulated epoxy that provides heavy-duty protection for industrial floors


Heavy-duty seamless floor coating for extreme durability


Patented, polishable acrylic polymer that provides customers with a high-gloss, long-lasting sealer finish


Patented premium hardener, densifier, and sealer designed to penetrate & strengthen vulnerable surfaces

Simthane WB

Protective, self-crosslinking, single-component clear water-based polyurethane floor coating

Tabletop Epoxy

Self-leveling, crystal clear, UV resistant, protective coating