TekTop™ high-performance roof coatings protect your roof from the elements. Our full line of TekTop™ roof coatings are formulated to restore, protect, and improve your roof.

Save time and money— with TekTop™ roof coatings.

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Smark!® is a clear dry erase paint that goes on quickly and adheres to most surfaces and materials, such as drywall, concrete, glass, tile and steel, creating a whiteboard surface.

Easy to apply and low-odor, Smark!® also protects from the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing coated surfaces from fading, chalking or yellowing.

Get Smarking today!

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RokRez™ Garage Floor Coatings provide a virtually indestructible, chemical and stain resistant, high-gloss finish for the ultimate in concrete flooring protection.

RokRez™ Concrete Bonding Technology increases the strength of existing concrete and provides maximum hardness and adhesion. The easy to use professional-grade formula is 20X stronger than other DIY floor coatings and offers unmatched durability.

Convenient all-in-one RokRez™ kits are designed ready-to-use on any clean interior concrete surface. The low order, self-leveling formula delivers a spectacular finish that will last for years.

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