Simflake SB

Single Broadcast Decorative Chip System

SIMFLAKE SB is a versatile single-broadcast floor system that utilizes Simiron's Decorative Chip to achieve easy-to-maintain long-lasting results.

This three-layer system offers 9 standard blends (24 custom). The featured system has a gloss finish, but optional satin and non-skid texture are available. SIMFLAKE SB consists of a primer, basecoat, ¼” vinyl chip broadcast, and topcoat). The base system will produce an average nominal thickness of 60 mils.

features & benefits

  • Colorfast, UV Stable Pigments
  • Random Shapes Naturally Hide Imperfections in Concrete
  • Economical Flooring Solution
  • Highly Customizable
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Hides Dirt and Debris
  • Highly versatile general-purpose system
  • Create an Abstract, Terrazzo Appearance
  • Slip-Resistant and non-skid textures available
  • UV stable and chemical resistant topcoats available

products in system

Color Range

product information

1000HS - 1.5 Gal Kit, Clear/Gloss – 40008895
1100SL - 2 Gal Base, Clear/Gloss – 40004156
1100SL - 1 Gal Activator, Clear/Gloss – 40004155
Decorative Chip - 50 LB., Various Blend Options – N/A
85% Solids Polyaspartic - 1.5 Gal Kit, Clear/Gloss – 40005559

customer stories

Department of Public Works Building

City of Hazel Park DPS benefits from low-maintenance, high-performing Simiron flooring makeover!