Rapid Cure

1-Day Floor System

SIMIRON RAPID CURE FLOOR SYSTEM is a highly engineered selection of products designed to survive the toughest conditions. The simple 4-step process allows for return to service in 24 hours or less, without sacrificing the superior protection that Simiron coatings are known for.

By utilizing Simiron’s 1150FC 100% Solids Fast Cure Epoxy, Decorative Chips, and 85% Solids Polyaspartic, concrete is protected from chemicals, oil and grease, and wear from even the heaviest vehicles. The durable Decorative Chips prevent slips and improve safety, while the 85% Solids Polyaspartic creates a brilliant shine that will look like new with minimal maintenance. Because of their rapid curing times, traffic can be restored to coated surfaces the next day.

features & benefits

  • Fast Curing, Industrial Grade Coatings
  • Durable Epoxy Base Coat
  • Full Chip Protection
  • High-Gloss, UV Resistant Topcoat
  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Fast Return To Service – In 24 Hours!
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Hides Dirt & Surface Imperfections
  • Improves Floor Longevity
  • Color Match To Any Decor

recommended uses

  • Garage floors
  • Basement floors
  • Interior floors
  • Any floors where quick return-to-service is needed

Color Range