CIPP Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin System

SIMIRON CIPP Epoxy Resin System is a 100% solids, solvent-free, VOC free, epoxy system designed for Cured-In-Place Pipe.

CIPP Epoxy Resin System uses a single resin system with different hardener options that offer cure speed versatility.

features & benefits

  • Rehabilitates underground pipes
  • Cures very fast with mild (120°F) heat
  • Trenchless repair of pipes from 2” to 102” in diameter
  • Effectively lines pipes and drain lines with a 90-degree bend
  • ASTM F-1216 compliant, adding value and assuring quality in the CIPP process

recommended uses

  • Applications requiring less invasive pipe system replacement procedures
  • Municipal/residential/commercial market (utility holes and underground pipe systems)
  • Trenchless / less invasive sectional point repair systems for structural repair without digging
  • Lateral and sectional point repair rehabilitation and re-lining markets (homes, sanitary and storm sewers, sewer pipelines)

Color Range

available sizes

5 Gal Resin – 40004996
5 Gal Hardener - Slow (60 min) – 40005023
5 Gal Hardener - Standard (30 min) – 40005016
5 Gal Hardener - Fast (15 min) – 40005009